Overview of sample project with C++ and Blueprint

The sample project in part III is based on the First Person template of Unreal Engine. The Blueprint template will be used and the C++ classes will be added later.

The project has four Actors: PlayerCharacter, PlayerProjectile, EnemyCannon, and EnemyProjectile. They all have a base class in C++ and one or more child Blueprints.

A simple Blueprint Function Library was also created in C++ to show how it works.

On the level, there are enemy cannons that fire homing projectiles towards the player. The player can destroy cannons and projectiles. Use the Tab key to change the type of projectile fired by the player’s weapon.




The project was made using Unreal Engine version 4.26. The project with source code is available at this link:



When opening the project for the first time, a message will appear asking if you want to rebuild the modules. Click the Yes button.


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