EnemyProjectile: Extending into Blueprint

We are going to create a child Blueprint based on the C++ class EnemyProjectile to define the Assets that will be used.

In the Content Browser, access the TutoPart3 folder that is inside the C++ Classes folder. Right-click on the EnemyProjectile class and choose the option Create Blueprint class based on EnemyProjectile:



On the next screen, write BP_EnemyProjectile in the Name field. In the Path field, choose the Blueprints folder that is inside the FirstPersonBP folder and click the Create Blueprint Class button.



Double-click on the new Blueprint to open the Blueprint editor. The components that we defined in the C++ class can be seen in the Components tab.



Select the StaticMesh component. On the Details tab, select Shape_Cone for StaticMesh and M_Tech_Hex_Tile_Pulse for Material. In Rotation set -90.0 to Y and change the Scale to 0.5 in X, Y and Z.


Select the Particles component. On the Details tab, select P_Fire as the Template.



Select the ProjectileMovement component. The values that we define in C++ can be modified in the Details tab.




In the Blueprint Event Graph, add the Event Hit and the DestroyActor action:




Click on the Viewport tab to see how the BP_EnemyProjectile looks.




Compile and save the Blueprint.

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