Creating the sample project

In this article, we will create the project that we will build in Part III. The Unreal Engine version used in this project is 4.26.

Start Unreal Engine and select Games in New Project Categories. Click the Next button to proceed.

On the next screen, select the First Person template and click the Next button.


On the Project Settings screen, keep the project type as Blueprint.  We will add the C++ classes later. The other options used in this project are Desktop / ConsoleMaximum QualityWith Starter Content and Raytracing Disabled. Enter the name TutoPart3 for the project and click the Create Project button.



A Blueprint only project was created. To convert to a C++ project, simply create a C++ class and the Unreal editor will convert it. You must have Visual Studio installed.
The project’s Blueprints will be created in the folder FirstPersonBP\Blueprints.

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