Creating the C++ Project in Unreal

Let’s create the project that will be used as a tutorial in Part I. The Unreal Engine version used in this project is 4.25. Start Unreal Engine and select Games in New Project Categories, as shown in the image below. Click the Next button to proceed.
On the next screen, you will choose the template that will be used by the game. This project will use the Third Person template. Select it and click the Next button.

On the Project Settings screen, click the button showing Blueprint and select C++. The other options used in this project are Desktop / ConsoleMaximum QualityWith Starter Content and Raytracing Disabled. Enter the name TutoProject for the project and click the Create Project button.

Select the text and Static Meshes that are in the middle of the level and press the Del key to remove them. It is to remain only the player, the floor and the side walls.

We need the coordinates that define the area where we can create the items that will be collected by the player. These are the values I found for this area enclosed by the walls:
  • The X value can range from -1800 to 1000.
  • The Y value can range from -1400 to 1400.
  • The Z value that defines the floor position is 130.

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