To play = to live

Your IRSA!

Your future!

1 IRSA = 0.000033 USD
Last phase IRSA Price = 0.00001 USD
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With every day you play, exercise, have fun, relax and finally live and make money


The IRSA symbol is created and traded on the Harmony ONE platform using the pancakeswap V2 protocol. Secure, fast and with very low transaction fees, you will receive rewards in the shortest time!
This game is for introduction and completely test and without IRSA mark (only for testing).


The IRSA token is built and traded on the Harmony ONE platform, using the pancakeswap V2 Protocol.

Secure, fast, and with extremely low trading fees, you’ll be earning rewards in no time!

For Whom?

For people who want to experience peace.

This game gives you time as a gift and reduces your mental distraction for a better life in society.

For people who want to enjoy life.

Experience immersive pleasure. This game introduces you to the pleasures of life.

For people who want to live

We want people to live comfortably, so the game gives them money.

Why IrsaGame?

Good opportunity for life

Unique OpportunitiesEveryone in the world has the right to live freely so that they can have a good life in this crowded society. This game allows everyone to have a good life with the benefits they get from the game.

Useful content for a good life

This game teaches you how to live well and how to build your life with the right solution.

Take a deep breath

You have the right to breathe, you have the right to live freely. You have to live with a smile. You have to sleep with laughter, you have to have positive thoughts. You have to live like a human being.

New works and projects

You can get new solutions for your life from this game on a daily basis and change the course of your life with it.


PHASE 1 (Q1 – 2021)

Branding, Logo, Name
Releasing Whitepaper.
Launching Social networks.
Launching official website and channels.
Expanding the team.
CPG development.
ICO Launchpad development

PHASE 2 (Q3 – 2022)

ICO Launchpad
Staking $IRSA

PHASE 3 (Q4 – 2022-3)

Beta test

PHASE 4 (Q1 – 2023)

Alpha test
Official Launch

PHASE 5 (Q2 – 2023-4)

Game release 1.0

PHASE 6 (Q5 – 2024)

Coming Soon…


Coming Soon…

Core Team

The team always plays an important role in the success of a project.
We have been working together as a team for more than 15 years and everyone is very experienced in their specialty.
Due to the conditions of the country, we can not put our full details on the site
But we know that honesty and truthfulness in any work makes it progress.
The main members of our team are:

F . O


M . V


M . M



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